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Looking For a Quality and Affordable Hydraulic Equipment for Your Next Project?


Here at Hydro Technik Industries, we are committed to complete customer satisfaction. We will not stop to deliver our services until the customer which is you is completely satisfied. With dedicated customer service executive we thrive to provide our customers the utmost attention to solve their problems.

From the first step of getting the nitty gritties of customer’s problem to the after sales services we strive to be the best our customer can get. We try to be the best and provide the best products to our customers. There is a reason why we are passionate about our products and our customers, and it is that we love our work and want to provide the best you can get.

Our products are designed keeping in mind all the possible problems that you as a customer can face while completing your project. And moreover, we keep all our customers number one in our minds. You as a customer will be present in each and every step of the production of your product. We will provide periodic reports on the status of your product manufacturing and help you ascertain your project deadline.


To Become a Premier Hydraulic Machinery and Automation Equipment Manufacturing company.

Our Motto – Give more in value than you take in payment.


Hydro Technik Industries is an Innovative, imaginative and Quality focused manufacturing company.
We view ourselves as partners to our customers, our employees, our community and our environment.
We aim to be an internationally recognised brand name.
Our goal is to provide the highest possible value at affordable price, while achieving sustained profitability with personal, professional & social fulfilment.


We have all types of hydraulic equipment you need. And something even more important – our commitment to stay with you until the job is done. We don’t hang up our hat until you say it’s quittin’ time.