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Hydraulic Cylinders

Products Nos:

HTHC01 to HTHC06

No of Types of Mountings: 

6 Nos.

Types of Cylinders: 

Welded Construction & Tie Rod Construction


1) Clevis end mounting cylinder
2) Rear rectangular flange mounting cylinder
3) Mid trunnion mounting cylinder
4) Front round flange mounting cylinder
5) Front flange mounting cylinder
6) Foot mounting cylinder


With customized solutions to every customer needs, Hydro Technik Industries Cylinders are one of the best solutions in the market. Designed to meet and exceed the most demanding application requirement, our exclusive hydraulic cylinders provide value through reduced maintenance, affordable price, increased productivity and long product life.

All the cylinders are based on ISO standards. With bore size from 40 mm to 500 mm we can provide solutions for every need. The maximum working pressure attainable is 350 Kg/cm2. All the Cylinders are manufactured as per customer requirements.

Stainless steel Cylinders are also available. All the cylinders are manufactured with high quality seamless tubes. The material used for the seamless tubes is ST52. Piston rods are made of alloy steel, toughened and hard chrome plated to ensure proper finish and maximum life of bearings and seals. Available in various mounting sizes ensures each and every requirement to be optimally fulfilled. All the cylinders are thoroughly tested for leakage and static pressure.

Hydro Technik Industries also provides all the range in telescopic cylinders. Ranges include 2,3,4, and 5 stage cylinders for dumpers, trolleys. Single acting and double acting telescopic cylinders are available in the above range. All the cylinders are manufactured with respect to customer’s requirements.
The cylinders capacity ranges from 1 ton to 500 tons.

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