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Hydraulic Press

Product Nos:


Types of Presses: 

4 Nos


1) C Frame Press
2) 2 Pillar Press
3) 4 Pillar Press
4) Box type press


Hydro Technik Industries Presses are available for various applications like metal forming, deep drawing, rubber molding, Teflon molding, Blanking, stamping, coining, powder compacting presses and much more.

With cylinders ranging from 3 tons to 200 tons in C frame presses and for H Frame presses ranging from 3 ton to 500 tons we provide solutions to wide variety of requirements. Numerous structures like C-Frame, H-Frame, column type and ring frame presses are available as per customer’s requirement.

Each hydraulic press from Hydro Technik Industries combines an industry-leading design with a appropriate frame for robustness. We build every press to provide fine control and to save you time and effort—throughout many years of productivity.

Ranging from 3 to 200 tons in capacity, our shop presses will handle all the force you can throw at them. Choose a 3 tons hydraulic press(typically for lighter capacities) or a 200 Tons hydraulic press (for added power)


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